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Saw dust

Saw dust has long been viewed as a waste product and an environmental problem for the timber industry. However there are a number of great uses for this by-product.

Animal bedding

WA Timber Products are your local saw dust suppliers and can fulfil bulk orders for sawdust which can then be kiln dried and used for animal bedding and nesting material. Our sawdust is a high-quality source of natural animal bedding which, once processed, can be used for bedding and breeding purposes in many industries including poultry, equine, dairy and for pets.

As a sawdust supplier, we recommend sawdust as the perfect product for animal bedding as it is highly absorbent, providing a cleaner, safer and drier environment. This results in less frequent bedding changes and a clean-up process that is quick and easy.


WA Timber Products supplies industrial amounts of sawdust and wood shavings that can be used on a large scale for use in moulded or laminated composite wood products and automotive materials. In the environmental control industry it can be used to isolate oil and water as well as in the creation of solidification products.

To place an order for our high-quality sawdust, contact WA Timber Products. As sawdust suppliers we stock and we can also supply sawdust to meet your particular specifications. Do you require any other timber products? We also manufacture and supply timber products, firewood pallets, jarrah survey pegs and more. And remember, by buying direct from our sawmill you make substantial savings as there is no “middle man” to pay.