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Timber products

WA Timber Products source and harvest our timber from WA state-managed forests and timber reserves which helps to protect and preserve old growth forests in Western Australia.

WA Timber Product’s experienced and dedicated team of timber professionals utilise 100 percent of each log, producing a wide range of timber products for the building and mining industries as well as government and private buyers.

Our high-quality products include:

  • Jarrah timber
  • Jarrah survey pegs
  • Pine survey pegs
  • Pine gluts
  • Core tray blocks
  • Firewood pallets
  • Roadside guide posts
  • Saw dust.

As timber wholesalers we bypass the middle man and can offer substantial savings to you, the customer. Contact our friendly team to place your order and we will ensure that it is ready for pick up at our timber mill or delivery directly to you when you need it.

Jarrah timber

Native to Western Australia, jarrah timber is a unique and versatile Australian hardwood that WA Timber Products specialises in harvesting and milling. Known for its strength and durability, jarrah wood is ideal for many applications including large industry constructions and general house framing, flooring and fencing. It has a highly decorative quality too, making it…

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Jarrah survey pegs

WA Timber Products manufacture jarrah survey pegs for use within the mining industry, local government and the building industry. Jarrah is well known for its durability and strength, making it a perfect timber to use for surveyors pegs. The size of the wooden survey stakes we manufacture depends on the type of survey work they…

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Pine survey pegs

Survey stakes are used to control alignment and grade during the construction phase of any building or mining project. They are markers used by surveyors during the preparation of job sites, to mark out boundaries as well providing crucial information on natural resources like timber and minerals in the area. Timber survey pegs need to…

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Pine gluts

Pine gluts are used for packaging, spacing loads, ensuring even weight distribution and where a large or bulky item needs to be accessed and moved by a forklift. The item is placed on the pine glut, allowing a forklift to access underneath. We manufacture a large range of pine timber gluts, including plain square gluts…

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Core tray blocks

Used to mark drilled depths of core samples within core trays, our timber core tray blocks are manufactured and available in all major core sizes as well as being custom made to any required specifications. We stock an extensive range of core tray blocks and as timber wholesalers you can take advantage of the substantial…

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Firewood pallets

WA Timber Products manufacture and supply firewood pallets to enable the safe, easy and secure transport and storage of firewood, whether for personal use or in industry. The main advantage of using pallets to store and transport split wood is that a large amount of wood can be handled at any one time by a…

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Roadside guide posts

Used for traffic guidance and direction, WA Timber Products manufacture and supply timber roadside guide posts to government and industry throughout Western Australia. WA Timber Products stock a wide range and types of roadside guide posts at our Dwellingup sawmill, and can manufacture guide posts to your specifications and within your time frame where required….

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Saw dust

Saw dust has long been viewed as a waste product and an environmental problem for the timber industry. However there are a number of great uses for this by-product. Animal bedding WA Timber Products are your local saw dust suppliers and can fulfil bulk orders for sawdust which can then be kiln dried and used…

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