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Jarrah timber

Native to Western Australia, jarrah timber is a unique and versatile Australian hardwood that WA Timber Products specialises in harvesting and milling. Known for its strength and durability, jarrah wood is ideal for many applications including large industry constructions and general house framing, flooring and fencing. It has a highly decorative quality too, making it a popular choice for furniture and joinery.

Jarrah trees grow on the plains of the south-west of Western Australia and as a result of their native environment they have a number of natural properties that we love. These include a high resistance to:

  • Harsh and extreme weather conditions such as sun and rain
  • Rot
  • Termites and marine borers
  • Fire.

WA Timber Products are the jarrah timber suppliers of choice for many building and construction industry customers as well as those in the furniture industry. We also manufacture and stock jarrah survey pegs. Contact us with your timber requirements and specifications and if we don’t have what you need in stock, we will ensure your order is processed within your time frame.